I am a director of a limited company – we have been trading OK until recently; trading conditions have worsened, we recently suffered a large bad debt and we are now coming under pressure from our creditors as cash flow is very tight; I am not sleeping and it’s affecting my family life – can you help me?

I have loads of personal debt on credit cards and loans and can’t meet the required payments from my monthly income – I want to protect my home and family – can you help?

My husband was recently subject to a bankruptcy order and the Trustee says he has an interest in our jointly owned property.  I don’t want to lose our home – can you advise me?

I have a lot of personal debt but a fairly good job – I have heard that an Individual Voluntary Arrangement might help – can you advise?

The answer to all the FAQs above is…

Yes I am sure we can help and advise – email (enquiries@tonyjopson.co.uk) or phone us (01752 775068) and we can set up an initial free confidential consultation at a venue of your choice.