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Debt & Insolvency Solutions

Business insolvency


Selling or purchasing a business?

We can undertake “due diligence” work to help you assess potential purchase or sale transactions.

Company Solutions

In all cases we will always start by seeing if a company or its business can be restructured and continue before considering insolvency options.

Personal Solutions

We can work through insolvency solutions for individuals and partnerships too whether it’s an informal solution, individual voluntary arrangement or bankruptcy.

Other Insolvency Services

Ask us about any other insolvency consultancy scenario – we can offer valuable input into a situation involving insolvency where a solution needs to be found.

About Tony Jopson & Co.

We specialise in providing innovative solutions in corporate and personal insolvency related situations.

Each client is unique and we tailor solutions appropriate to individual circumstances.


We offer a free confidential initial consultation so you’ve nothing to lose!

We can help if you are worried about any or all of the following:

  • Dealing with the consequences of a death.
  • Deteriorating family relationships due to increasing financial pressure.
  • Increasing pressure from your creditors.
  • Possibly having to make staff redundant.
  • A key customer having just gone into liquidation.
  • Losing your house or other private assets due to personal guarantees.
  • You just want to share some of the pressure you feel running a business alone.

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